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Mercifully Free from the Ravages of Intelligence

6 January
Please note that I DO friend back, however, I only do so when I log into this account, which I only do to update this journal. It may take several weeks for me to friend you back, so please dont be offended if I dont friend you immediately.

Want to get to know me instead of just know my icons? Friend my personal journal, syndarys - I'm always happy to have new friends! :)

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[X] Name: syndarys
[X] DOB: 06/01/86
[X] Location: South Wales, UK
[X] Website: http://www.syndarys.net
[X] Nationality: English
[X] Ethnicity: White
[X] Hair Colour: Red
[X] Eye Colour: Blue
[X] Height: 5'5"

...:::What I Do:::...
[X] Movies: Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Pirates Of The Caribbean, etc.
[X] Actors/Actresses: Actors from the above movies, Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel people, etc.
[X] Music: Linkin Park, Queen, The Calling, Evanescence, etc.
[X] Livejournal, Greatjournal, Blurty, etc icons.
[X] Friends Only Banners.
[X] Link Banners.
[X] Website Graphics (only occasionally).
[X] HTML Coding for Websites, and LJ Userinfo.
[X] Graphics Tutorials.

...:::What I Don't Do:::...
[X] Themes: Homophobic, Racist, Sexist, Hate, Pornographic (visually; explicit text is okay).
[X] Musicians: Justin Timberlake, S Club, any dance artists, Kylie Minogue, etc.
[X] Actors/Actresses: Colin Farrell.

[X] You must include credit if you use any of my icons; credit can be in a number of different ways - in keywords, in interests, in your userinfo, or as a note in an entry in your journal.
[X] I am no longer accepting any requests, due to lack of time to fullfill them! My appologies to any inconvience this may cause!

[X] syndarys
[X] hp_graphics
[X] hp_icons
[X] iconaddicts
[X] i_cracked
[X] Syndarys: Icons Archive
[X] Glaswegian Hobbits: A Billy Boyd Fansite

...:::Link Me:::...

My Icon Archive is located at my personal website, Syndarys: Just your average Slytherin student - feel free to drop in over there, take a look at my archives, and write a note on the guestbook! :) The site contains plenty of other goodies, including graphics tutorials, wallpapers, freebie graphics and more!